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New PRM office opened in Yadkinville, NC!

This past year Pioneer celebrated the grand opening of its new office located in Yadkinville, NC.

The Town of Yadkinville is located at the intersection of Highway 421 and Highway 601 in Yadkin County. Yadkin County was formed in 1850 from land that was once part of Surry County. The County is named for the Yadkin River; which forms the northern and eastern boundaries of the county.

The 12,00-square-foot facility serves as digitization hub for Pioneer’s subsidiary company Pioneer Records Management (PRM), whose services include digital conversion of mediums such as paper, micro-film, microfiche and others, whilst providing secure storage and destruction services.

Located on Unifi Industrial Road, Unifi, Incorporated, the county’s largest employer is located in Yadkinville and is the largest customer on the town’s water and sewer systems, the new office will bring a newfound presence to North Carolina, allowing Pioneer to augment its reach and the amount of customer support it provides in the south east region of the US.

Mobile shredding services now offered from Pioneer!

Shred trucks:  we’ll travel to you!

We can shred ANYTHING No job too small or big Pioneer Records Management is now on the go! That’s right, PRM now provides mobile shredding services thanks to its new fleet of Secure Destruction vehicles. These new shred trucks will arrive at your doorstep ready to securely destroy anything you can throw it. There’s no job too big or too small for these puppies. *slaps roof of truck* ”This bad boy will shred anything you got.” - including hard drives! Whether it is a one-time purge of documents to help you take back control of your space, or an ongoing scheduled pick up, Pioneer will customize a plan to fit your needs. 

All shredded material is 100% recycled.

User Group will be from June 3-5 and the theme is Comic Books: Superheroes vs. Villains, register today!

Those who have been to a Pioneer User Group know that they can be quite super! Well, Pioneer is excited to make this year’s User Group extra marvelous as we announce this year’s theme:

Super Heroes Vs. Villains!

Last year customers definitely outdid themselves with their dinner night costumes; hope to see the same amount of enthusiasm this year!

2019 Pioneer Technology User Group: SUPER HEROES VS VILLAINS

Dates: June 3-5, 2019 Location: Westin Lake Mary - 2974 International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746 Event Registration: If you have yet to register you can do so.

Client Services Goals - 2019

Client Services strives to provide customer service excellence and stellar support to our clients and stakeholders. As informed support professionals, we aspire to exceed client expectations through collaboration and communication tools while promoting a culture that values our workforce.

Workforce Development.

To promote a culture where support professionals can mature, acquire relevant knowledge, skills and abilities which result in improved work performance. To engage employees to be top producers through efficient collaboration, adaptability and prioritization. We intend to provide the resources necessary to foster and facilitate growth.

Build a knowledgeable workforce and retain talent.


Increase Client Success.

Adoption of a refined customer success operating philosophy will allow us to better manage customer expectations, proactive intervention and anticipate customer success milestones. Leveraging technology to introduce tools which will provide data analytics, forming customer insights. Extending accessibility via customer facing websites and automated workflows.

Bridge success gaps with customer success management.

•'Outside In Approach'
•Customer Insights
•Account Management
•Desired Outcome

Enhance Service Management.

Focus around development of a support center successful long term strategy, providing higher quality of services to clients and stakeholders. Strategic objectives include processes aimed to reduce incident counts, facilitate faster response times and maintain an acceptable capacity of open incidents within a refined support model.

Provide actionable plans to deliver a good customer experience.

•Tiered/Intelligent Swarm
•Quality Service

Revised SLA Timeframes


Workflow Stoppage. Catastrophic business impact which needs immediate attention.

Call and email response within 1 hour

Up to 24 hour turn-around time


Important request with limited timeline. Significant loss or degradation of service.

Email response within 2 hours

Up to 5 business day turn-around time


General Inquiry or non-critical request. Minor interruption but can proceed with business using workarounds.

Email response within 4 hours

Up to 30 business day turn-around time


General or new request with no instant timeframe. Can function primarily with minimal to no impact to business.

Email response within 4 hours

Up to 60 business day turn-around time

Customer Spotlight

Indian River County – Gold Customer





PRM: records management

Indian River County, FL has long been recognized as a leader among county governments in utilizing technology to improve public services. As one of the first counties to automate multiple court systems, official records, and public record access, the county has consistently used technology to increase efficiency and improve public service.

A valued customer since 2006, with the successful installation of Axia, Indian River County has demonstrated the reward in embodying the Pioneer philosophy, “Take care of the customer, and the customer will take care of you”. The 13+ year relationship has supported the efficiency and increased productivity in Indian River county, and the incorporation of four of our solutions into their systems. 



Terrell Thomas, Client Services Manager at Pioneer, has spent years working in the local government sector learning the great disciplines which are transparent in his approach to service today. For 19+ years, Terrell worked for the IT department of the Orange County Courthouse, and became a part of the Pioneer family in June of 2018 – coming aboard as a Benchmark Project Manager. An amazing journey from supporting users and the citizens of Orange County, to building professional relationships that Terrell considers life-long.


    Within several short months of his arrival at Pioneer, Terrell was matched with a leadership opportunity to manage the Client Services team across the entire Pioneer innovative product line. This opportunity has propelled him down a path which brings his career full circle. He attributes the “healthy balance” of his experience and expertise to being able to blend his career journeys from the court side, and now the vendor side. As Client Services Manager at Pioneer, Terrell is responsible for ensuring that opportunities for service become success stories for all stakeholders. He champions a tiered support model, that maintains positive levels of customer satisfaction, as daily issues with differing levels of complexity are reported. Additionally, Terrell has introduced the concept of Intelligent Swarming for more complex issues. This concept enables a fast track path for solutions, through collaboration with subject matter experts, while minimizing the impact to customer operations. Terrell  notes that the philosophy at Pioneer, ‘Take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you’ aligns with the importance of customer centric values. Indeed, his strategy and vision in his current role consists of three tactical initiatives: Workforce Development, Increased Customer Success via bridging success gaps, and Enhanced Service Management. An entrepreneur once advised Terrell to ‘write the book as if you’ve already achieved success’. He passionately incorporates that advice into practices which stimulate new approaches to customer prosperity.

    Outside of his career at Pioneer, Terrell is very dedicated to his family and faith. While an avid lover of music, he is also quite fond of graphic design, videography, real estate, and most importantly, Pro Wrestling! As a proud Central Florida resident, he delights in the thriving of the local economy and its frequent growth and development. Everyday, he is prepared to be a leader, mentor, and supportive colleague. He sets goals to apply ideals instilled from years of quality service, to drive integrity and excellence in all interactions. Terrell takes great pride in fulfilling his role as Client Services Manager, and Pioneer takes great pride in him.