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Pioneer Records Management began life in 1984, as Records Management Systems. Records Management Systems helped businesses throughout Florida better manage and access their growing information stockpiles.

Records Management Systems initially offered consulting services to major corporations in publishing and manufacturing as well as document scanning and document imaging. Throughout the 1990s, their service offerings expanded to include office equipment and micrographic sales, service and repair in addition to document conversion.

Since then, even more services have been added, including digital medical imaging systems, electronic document management programs, document scanning products and off-site storage and retrieval services.

Experience Matters

In 2008, Records Management Systems was purchased by Pioneer Technology Group and became Pioneer Records Management. This purchase gives Pioneer Technology Group another avenue to fulfill its core mission to improve efficiency and reduce costs for government organizations and private businesses nationwide.

We continue to offer the core services of Records Management Systems, including document scanning, document imaging, document conversion, off-site document storage, and we have also added several new services to our menu. These include YourDox™, a title file archiving system as well as Enterprise Content Management Systems.

Simply put, no matter what line of business you’re in, if you deal with a large amount of paper or physical records, Pioneer Records Management can help you get more out of your information. Make better decisions. Faster. With less waste and error.



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The Alabama Municipal Court Clerks and Magistrates Association was founded in 1989 in Montgomery, Alabama. A steering committee of thirteen court magistrates paved the way for the creation of an association dedicated to promoting education and professionalism within the Municipal Courts. AMCCMA Officers and Board of Directors have significant involvement on committees that develop and improve the field in Administration of Justice. They look forward to working with all our members in continuing to refine and improve excellence in their field. The mission of the Alabama Municipal Court Clerks and Magistrates Association is “Develop and Improve Leadership, Promote and Encourage Fellowship, To Increase Trust and Confidence, and a Sense of Unity Among AMCCMA Members”.


FACT was created in 1989 following a Courts and Private Sector Conference held the previous year. Participants called for an on-going forum to discuss issues and develop resolution strategies. FACT provides an organized approach for this important dialogue. The Forum meets periodically each year. The FACT members support a variety of national court and technology management associations. Included are the National Association for Court Management (NACM), the National Center for State Courts (NCSC), and Conference of State Court Administrators (COSCA).


The National Association for Court Management has over 2,000 members from the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. NACM is the largest organization of court management professionals in the world with members from all levels and types of courts. NACM provides court management professionals the opportunity to increase their proficiency while working with colleagues to improve the administration of justice.


NCSC is the organization courts turn to for authoritative knowledge and information, because its efforts are directed by collaborative work with the Conference of Chief Justices, the Conference of State Court Administrators, and other associations of judicial leaders. Consequently, NCSC is able to return expertise to the courts in a variety of forms – from Web resources to hands-on assistance. State assessments pay for the distribution of information from knowledge analysts and online sources, available free of charge to state trial and appellate courts and their administrative offices.


The FLTA is composed of Title Insurance Underwriters (Insurers), Title Insurance Agencies, Abstractors, and Associate Members consisting of Attorney Agents and Vendors who serve the title insurance industry. All of the insurers who do business in the State of Florida are members of FLTA. With over 150 entities who employ over 4,500 persons our membership is strong and growing.


NACRC is a professional organization of elected and appointed county administrative officials, who network on a national level to share information and ideas.


PRIA provides a forum for the identification, research, discussion, development, drafting and implementation of national standards, best practices and new technology solutions to promote the integrity of the public records system, the efficiency of industry operations and the effectiveness of interfaces between the two. Where consensus forms, recommendations for best practices and standards for the industry are published and distributed. PRIA’s success depends on the mutual commitment of business and government leaders to achieve their common goal of keeping the nation’s property records industry sound.


The Ohio Clerk of Courts Association has been an organization since 1940. The organization exists to assist Clerks in all counties and to exercise influence in legislation that affects county clerks of court.


A professional organization comprised of elected Superior Court Clerks and associate members. The organization was established in 1967. The objectives are to improve the administration of justice through the application of modern management techniques, support the independence of the judiciary, improve court management and provide efficient access to public records.


ARMA International is a not-for-profit professional association and the authority on managing records and information – paper and electronic.


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