Online Document Management for Title and Mortgage Companies

As every homeowner knows, buying real estate necessitates storing volumes of paper records; both for the buyer and for title and mortgage companies. YourDox™ from Pioneer Records Management is a state-of-the art online archiving system that’s been specifically designed to meet this challenge.

YourDox™ gives title and mortgage companies the most advanced archiving product on the market, providing instant access to all closing documents, 24/7. No more searching paper records and wasting valuable office space.

What’s more, homebuyers can access their documents too, alleviating the need to maintain hardcopies of documents at home. YourDox™ provides the buyer with the ultimate solution: a secure online filing cabinet accessible from any Web connection. With YourDox™ homebuyers and homeowners can easily and securely access a variety of documents including home warranties, appliance manuals, the note, mortgage, survey and closing details.

But YourDox™ goes far beyond simple archiving. With YourDox™, title file archiving becomes a strategic competitive advantage, providing title and mortgage companies with an efficient and effective marketing tool that generates valuable customer data and repeat business.

YourDox™ provides your title or mortgage office with:

Deep insight into customer behavior

With immediate access to your customers’ activity, YourDox™ gives you more knowledge about what your customers are doing and thinking. That knowledge lets you assist them while generating more business. You’ll know when your customers log in and out and what they are looking at. Furthermore, you’ll be able to track all buyer activity from start to finish based on any combination of several different criteria, from interest rate to closing date.

Sales campaign development

Using the data generated from YourDox™, you can create meaningful marketing lists to use yourself or to share strategically with your key customers. With these lists, you are free to generate targeted marketing campaigns to build new business and retain customers.

Brand reinforcement with every log-in

Beyond meeting your archival requirements, YourDox™ was designed to help you generate leads and build stronger customer relationships. Every time your customer logs into YourDox™, your brand will be prominently displayed, reinforcing the relationship that you built with the customer.

Strategic marketing advantage

When you develop marketing campaigns based on actual customer behavior, and send them to customers who know and trust you, you can maximize your repeat-business potential and beat your competition.

I am impressed at the quality of service and quick turnaround on getting the files scanned and imaged. I couldn’t accomplish the same amount of work without YourDox™. It’s much easier having the files scanned out of the office allowing me to focus more on client retention and delivering quality service to my clients. Clients have made comments that they are impressed as to how quickly the documents are online after closing! Pioneer Records management has top quality service. Whenever I have any questions, I get a response quickly!

Craig M. Herzog
Action Title Services of
St. Johns County
St. Augustine, FL

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