Document Management

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Services

Imagine, no more manual searches. Your valuable business information is available instantly, not in hours or days. Whether you’re forecasting next year’s sales, tracking accounts receivables or looking for similarities in a medical diagnosis, having access to your files when you need them is a boon to both productivity and profitability.

With Enterprise Content Management services from Pioneer Records Management, you can convert your entire library of paper, microfilm or microfiche records to a digital format that’s secure, backed up off-site and available around-the-clock whenever you need it.

Plus, you’ll benefit from powerful enterprise-level content management tools to access and manage your records, with the capability to scale up infinitely. So whether you’re a one-person shop or a Fortune 500 company, Pioneer Records Management can tailor a solution to meet your specific needs and budget.

Enterprise Content Management Services Provide:

A Customized Solution Tailored to Your Needs

With over 22 years experience in document scanning, data integration and document management our professional staff knows that no two businesses or organizations are alike. That’s why our ECM solution can be customized to match your processes and information requirements. We’re ready to ensure that your transition to digital is as smooth as possible.

More Time and Money for Your Core Mission

Storing paper records is costly and time-intensive. Digital documents improve efficiency for all types of organizations, from government to insurance, law, healthcare, accounting, auto dealerships, recruiting and many more. Less time wasted equals more time spent on productive tasks. What’s more, converting to digital eliminates the cost and worry of lost or misplaced documents, extra staff and physical storage. And when you want to free up valuable workspace, we can store your paper records in our secure warehouses.

100% Accessibility

From secure document pick-up to final delivery, your files – both paper and digital – are always accessible. If you need a document that is in Pioneer’s possession, we will send you an electronic copy for no additional charge or overnight the original for a small fee. Or, if you prefer, digital data can be compressed into a single file, encrypted and transferred between sites through secure FTP.

Peace of Mind in a Disaster Situation

The sad reality is that every year millions of original documents are destroyed in fires, floods and other natural and man-made disasters. Once they’re gone, they’re gone forever. With Pioneer Records Management Content Management services, your files are assured to be permanently secure, setting your business up for success.

Enhanced Strategic Decision-making

Stored paper documents shackle the important information contained within them. Unlock that valuable data and sharpen your competitive edge. Pioneer Records Management can provide solutions for searching and reporting on any data in your documents, giving you increased efficiency and capacity and setting your business up for success.

Secure Management with Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software

With Pioneer’s simple, searchable Enterprise Content Management software, you’ll control access and increase information security while efficiently managing large amounts of diverse information. From paper and electronic files, to images, print streams, e-mails, voice mails and beyond, our software manages all your office’s information while reducing space and money wasting file storage. What’s more, it also enables automation and tracking of business processes throughout the information lifecycle.

Intelligent Search that Finds What you Want in Seconds

Pioneer Records Management can give your business powerful, easy-to-use search capabilities that allow users to locate any information in seconds. Perform detailed searches with specified date and value ranges or very broad searches across multiple index fields or projects. Full-text search capabilities pinpoint key words within the content of the document.

Seamless Integration with Office Systems

Pioneer’s systems can be integrated into all of the major accounting, legal and medical legacy systems, allowing you to attach key documents to transactions and stop wasting time looking for files.

A Solution that Grows with You

Pioneer Records Management offers solutions that run equally well on a single desktop computer or on thousands of machines in distributed locations. The same application can reliably scale across multiple application servers, Web servers and database servers – all of which can be leveraged, tiered and load-balanced to fit any size organization. The bottom line is you get the solution you need today with room to grow in the future.

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