Be a Pioneer. Go Paper-free.

Ollie's office has become a slave to paper. It is cluttered,
inefficient and burdened by unnecessary expenses.

Ollie contacts the pros at Pioneer who put him
on the path to a paper-free workplace.

Pioneer arranges for pick-up or delivery of Ollie’s paper files.

Pioneer prepares paper files for scanning – removing
staples, repairing torn pages and optimizing scan settings.

Our technicians ensure quality control during each step
of the scanning process – from the oversight of each page scan
to the organization of all new digital files.

Ollie’s new digital files are delivered in the format
he prefers: DVD, hard drive, hosted on Pioneer’s servers or
integrated into a Content Management System.

The sun is shining. Birds are singing. Ollie’s office is a
happy place – uncluttered, efficient and profitable.

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